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SunKiss Team's Members


       “I love making others happy!” This is the motivation as well as the inspiration for freelance hair/makeup artist and beauty expert, KissieLyn. With a passion for helping others find their confidence in the way they look, KissieLyn uses her skills to empower other women while simultaneously expressing her own inner beauty and creativity. As the head manager of two beauty salons, she has been bringing out the best in others for over 15 years. Her ability to beautify on the surface combined with her inner optimism and selfless spirit underneath make KissieLyn a true “face of beauty.” KissieLyn owes and manages two salons, Perfect Polish and Perfection. Her salons have been nominated for best salon in the Coastal Empire for three years consecutively with Savannah Morning News. She recently decided to part way with one of her salon, so that she can focus more with on-site wedding and have more time for her family.

"As the team leader, my goal is to keep the team organized and inspired to do their best. We are able to provide full salon services such as brows arching, lashes extension, facials, manicures, pedicures, gel and acrylic nails, and nails arts. What I love to do the most is bridal's makeup and hair. I love beautifying brides and bridesmaids. The special smiles on their faces when I handed them the mirror; something about those smiles, kept my heart desiring more. When I'm not working on weddings, I enjoy working with The South Magazine, styling their clients and making sure they are picture perfect."       ~KissieLyn~


     "Hair is a crazy and beautiful thing. From a simple ponytail to the daily curls, I can assure that we will not leave you without some kind of a nod of approval first, because after all, our hairs define us.  We can safely say that we will not get any hairstyle less fitting of our indidualities because we depended on it.

Hair is instant gratification. It is an artwork waiting to be framed and when you need it to be the most fitting, I am at your service. "     ~Thanh-Vi~

Kellie Fletcher
Sophie Nava

           "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Sophia Nava is a beauty expert from hair to skin and makeup application. Her attention to small details makes her unique and giving you the experience you were looking for. “ I am thrilled to be a part of Sunkiss Hair&Makeup team.

                                 ~Sophie Nava~


Kellie is our awesome hair assistant. She was Savannah State University, former cheerleader coach for over eight years. Kellie enjoyed assisting her girls to look stage perfect for their competition. Now, Kellie brings her same passion to the team. 

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